Friday, 14 October 2011

Conclusion Comparision

Comparing Diesel to Kelloggs, there are many similarities and differences between them within the marketing strategies. Both companies choose their target audience, based on the product. The difference between Diesel and Kelloggs is that Diesel based their business on a 'dynamic lifestyle' whereas Kelloggs had a variety of children's cereals, as well as more mature, healthy option cereals.

Customers are key to both companies. Without the stakeholder, they would not have survived. Relationship marketing is important because it engages individuals to become lifetime customers to each company. Diesel have a more formal and individual approach when dealing with customers, even though they are a transactional marketing company. Keeping customers happy and returning is what Kellogg's concentrate on. Kelloggs do not have stores that customers can visit. Kelloggs products are in leading supermarkets where customers can choose from a variety of their products. Relationship marketing for Kelloggs is put across by a more informal way, including emails and texts.
This is still a good way of attracting existing customers.

Both Kelloggs and Diesel do not have a diverse product line, but each have their own way of branding their products. Colour and pictures for children cereals, fashionable photography for Diesel.

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